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Welcome to KevinArtStudios a site that contains information to viewers who are intrested in art and design!

Games can be sold on the site!

This site will contain games that students, developers and small companys have made. Indie games are the aim of this site and will be targeted. The aim of KevinArtStudios is to sponser and help spread the word of these new indie games that are being made.

- written by Kevin Silva

Comics can now be sold on the site!

Comics are becoming big again, which is great! Here at KevinArtStudios we encourage users to share their comic books online so that more comics can be sold worlwide. Comics has shaped the united states. Heroes such as Captain America, Spiderman, Superman and batman helped us seek out the good in the bad. It helped expand our creative minds and seek out our imagination in just a piece of paper and a pen. Let KevinArtStudios help you to spread your comic your pieces of art acroos the globe.

- written by Kevin Silva

Artists worldwide can now share their art on KevinArtStudios!

Artists around the world have been wondering, where can I put up my artwork besides my portfolio? How can I earn money with my art? What can I do to share my artwork? Well our site can spread the word and bring you opportunities such as cash, auction, a job and an opportunity to work as an intern to other companys. Heres how it works. If a company or companys likes your artwork, they will reach out to the site and contact you. This can help improve our credibility as a community and site, while helping your career.

- written by Kevin Silva